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A SEASONAL CONTRACT: Seasonal Site Contract is for 2 Adults (Spouse or Common Law Spouse), their children 18 years and younger and ONE VEHICLE ONLY. NO SUBLETTING of your site or used by others at any time. Children must be accompanied by the adults on the contract if they are on site. Any additional adult added to the site contract (Second Family Usage) must be approved by Management, must also sign the License of Occupation and are able to use the site during contracted lease dates. Second Family Usage is an additional $500.00 plus tax PER ADULT and must be a family member only. Sites are accessible from May thru to October each year or as indicated on The License of Occupation. Site Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE at any time during your contract. All late payments will be charged a late payment fee.

INSURANCE: Full Insurance Coverage on your trailer is MANDATORY at all times.

SECOND FAMILY USAGE: Is per Person/Season (maximum of one extra family) and must be pre-arranged in advance and approved by management. They must also sign the License of Occupation and pay the SFU Fees. This option allows the Second Family Usage Person the ability to use the site/trailer without the Seasonal Contracted Camper present.

SUBLETTING: is Prohibited: Contracted Camping is available at Regular camping rates less 10%. This option must be pre-arranged in advance, can only be a family member and approved by management. A Regular Camping Permit will be required and all Transient Camping Rules will apply.

VISITORS: All seasonal campers are responsible for their visitors and their visitor's fees. Any visitor entering the park is expected to stop at the office, pay the appropriate visiting fees and sign the visitor's check in slip. If the office is closed then it will be the responsibility of the seasonal camper to inform Management, Pre-register the visitor, collect the fees and remit to the office. Seasonal visitor passes are also available and may be purchased in the store (see office for details).

EXTRA FRIDGE & EXTRA VEHICLES: There is a Fee for Extra fridges & vehicles please see website or office for details.

SELLING YOUR TRAILER: All Sales go through the park. Please see website for details.

ADDITIONS/SHEDS/DECKS: Any utility building, add-a-room or deck etc., must be pre-approved by Management. If you are currently not paying trailer taxes and you make a change to your trailer, i.e.: addition, sunroom etc. Then you may be required to pay trailer taxes as per the MPAC requirements. All additions, add-a-rooms, screened porches & hard awnings must go through H & H Patio Enclosures. All sheds must be pre-approved by Management, and must be a manufactured No DIY Projects.

SITE RESPONSIBILITY: Seasonal campers are required to keep their site neat and clean. Cutting and trimming the grass is your responsibility. There will be a fee charged automatically if management has to cut or trim your lot at any time. We do not supply lawn cutting equipment. Please ensure all wood etc. is kept maintained and put away, and grass behind your trailer is kept trimmed at all times.

SPIDER, INSECT & PEST CONTROL:  We work strictly and exclusively with Truly Nolen Pest Control for all Insect Spray and Rodent Control. No other Individuals or companies are permitted to enter the park for any spraying or rodent control.


CHILDREN: You are responsible for the actions and/or damages caused by your children so please be sure to watch them at all times. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed unattended in the campground at any time day or night. No children under the age of 19 are to stay in the campground overnight without adult supervision. Any child over the age of 18 must be checked in, pay the appropriate visiting fees, sign the visitor's check in slip. All children are to be at the site by dark.

PLAYGROUND & SPORT COURT: Closed from Dark to 9am daily.

PETS: Pet Policy in Effect. All pets are to be kept on a leash at all times and not left unattended. You are responsible for cleaning up all droppings. Barking Dogs are not allowed! No Pets allowed in any of the Resort buildings, please see website or office for Pet Policies.

CLOTHES LINES: are not permitted in the park, you may hang towels and bathing suits only.

GOLF CARTS: are not permitted in the park at any time, other than the ones used by Management.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: BEVERAGES may be consumed on your campsite only. Unless approved by management, i.e., special events, etc. Loud parties and music as well as immoral conduct, drunkenness, and offensive language etc... WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! You will be asked to leave the park without refund.

SMOKING & CANNABIS: Either by smoking, vaping or use of e-cigarettes is NOT permitted in any of the campground buildings or within 20 meters of any public building, playground or any public areas.  The Occupant hereby acknowledges that the smoking or vaping of tobacco or cannabis (medical recreational), and the use of e-cigarettes (including e-cigarettes containing cannabis, medical or recreational), is prohibited in the park in accordance with applicable provincial legislation and regulations, as amended from time to time. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the aforementioned smoking, vaping or use of e-cigarettes is prohibited in all sheltered (roofed) common areas within the park and in all playground, areas used by children and within 20 metres of same.

1.If the Occupant generates smoke or vapors from tobacco or cannabis (medical or recreational) that interferes with the reasonable enjoyment of other occupants of the park, the Occupant will be asked to take steps to minimize the interference or disturbance to others or refrain from generating such smoke, subject only to Human Rights considerations.

1b) The Occupant shall not cultivate, grow, produce, purchase, sell or distribute any cannabis plant or product in any areas within the park, including on the Site.

1c) We reserve the right at ANY TIME to BAN ALL RECREATIONAL CANNABIS at Lake Huron RV Resort.

The above statements will be enforced if needed. Please do not ruin it for the responsible people. Please use common sense, be respectful and try to keep it to a very minimal especially during the day hours of 9am to 11pm. If you absolutely need to do it while your neighbor is out on the deck with their children please go inside your trailer. There are families next door to you, not everyone agrees with it, not everyone likes the smell or wants their children exposed to it. We are just asking everyone to think of others and not just of themselves as we are a community.


CAMPFIRES are to be kept small and extinguished before retiring. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED. In case of emergency, call 911 and the Management Team is authorized to move any vehicle without notice or liability.

GARBAGE (KITCHEN ONLY): must be tied in a plastic bag and deposited in the park container.  Depositing of large items lawn chairs, BBQs, mattresses etc. Is PROHIBITED. You will e charged a $200 dumping fee.

PLEASE RESPECT: the SWIMMING POOL, BEACH and LAKE. The rules and regulations MUST be honored. If they are not, you may be suspended from use. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times at the pool or at the lake.

PUMP OUTS: are completed twice per week, only if needed and is included in your rate. Any additional Pump outs or any Unclogging done by Lake Huron Resort will be an additional fee (please see website).

Hydro and Water lines will be disconnected at 5pm the day of closing each year.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: See Seasonal Site Invoice for details. All Payments Are Non Refundable at Anytime.

QUIET HOURS: are 11:00PM to 9:00AM (MUSIC OFF and Includes Motorcycles coming and going during this time specified). Please keep noise and music low at ALL TIMES of the day.

COMPLAINTS: If you are disturbed by an unruly camper, please contact the office immediately by phone or come up to the office if open. Do not email or text us.

DO NOT wait until the next morning to address your complaint as it will be to late for us to address the issue.



Waiver and Release of Claims, Assumption of Risk and Consent to Medical Treatment: During your stay at Lake Huron Resort, if you participate in any activities, you agree that you are in good physical health and are able to safely participate in the activities of the campground and have no medical condition that would make your participation in the activities of the campground more hazardous. You also agree to receive medical care and transportation as required without any liability to Lake Huron Resort’s Owners or Employees. You also agree that you are not having or are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms or been in contact with anyone who may have had or been in contact with Covid-19 on signing of our License of Occupation or at any time of your stay at Lake Huron Resort.

Lake Huron Resort will not tolerate: any harassment, bullying, aggressiveness, offensive language or immoral conduct towards any of our employees, staff, owners or operators. Breaking of Any of these Rules WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AT ANYTIME, you and your family will and can be asked to leave the park without refund.

By Signing the License of Occupation, you agree to all the terms and conditions laid out in this document.                                                                                                                                              


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