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Frequently Asked Questions

*SITE CONTRACTS: All sites are individually leased at Lake Huron Resort. Lease dates fluctuate per season and each lease is per season only. The site contract is for 2 Adults (Spouse or Common Law Spouse) , their children 18 years and younger and ONE VEHICLE ONLY. Children must be accompanied by the adults on the contract if they are on site. Any additional adult added to the site contract  Is (Second Family Usage). If You have a Family Member that is 19 or older, that is continuously At LHR then they are considered "Second Family Usuage" &  must be approved by Bonnie or Rich. They must also sign the License of Occupation and are able to use the site during contracted lease dates. Second Family Usage is an additional $500.00 plus tax per adult and must be a family member only (Parent or Adult Child).

*Trailers. All Trailers entering the park:

-Must be no older than 10 years old

-Must be approved by lake huron resort
-Must fit properly on your site

-must have a fully equipped washroom.
-one  Washroom  per unit and must have a Marine Toilet
-No laundry Room or dishwashers allowed


*Pump Outs: The “South End” of the park is on holding tanks.  Pump outs are completed twice a week (Mondays & Fridays), if needed and is included in the seasonal rate. If you are on the "South End" of the park, any additional pump out is $50.00 plus HST and we do not do them on Sat & Sun. If you are on the "North End" of the park you are on Septic. If you require a "pump out" at anytime there is a fee of $50.00 plus HST and we do not do them on Sat & Sun.


*VISITORS & GUESTS:  All visitors and guests must register at the office. We need to know who is on site at all times for security, liability and safety reasons. A Guest Is Someone who visits once in a while and are not constantly at LHR. If your guests have not registered, then it is your responsibility to do so as you are the ones on the contract. We have many options available for you and your guest. A day pass is $7.00 per adult (19 and older). A nightly pass is $12.50 per adult (19 years or older). You can also purchase a season pass for 2 adults and their children (18 or younger); the cost is $300.00 plus hst for the Season and can only be purchased by the seasonal  themselves. This pass is transferable for your guests as long as its 2 adults per visit . Additional adults see daily or nightly rates.

*Please Note: This Pass Does NOT Act as a "Second Vehicle Pass". 

*contracted camping: If the people who are listed on the contract are not present, then they are not able to have guest staying at their units. Guest are only when you are present. There is no renting, leasing or subletting of any sites or trailers.

If for some reason you do have someone staying at your unit while you are not present (this is called "contracted camping"),  it must be submitted to the office in writing and approved by Management. a copy of the rules and regulations must be issued and accompanied by a camping permit signed and a fee paid in full prior to arrival (Fee: regular camping rate minus 10%  Plus  Tax),  per night for 2 adults and their children (under the age of 19) and can only be Family Members unless approved by Management.

You are responsible for your guests at all times.


*ADDITIONAL  FRIDGE:  Additional fridge on site will be charged an extra fee per year  (Lg: $100.00 and Sm: $50.00).



*ADDITIONAL VEHICLES - There is a fee for extra vehicles.  All sites include 1 (one) vehicle only.  Car pass is $12.50 plus hst and must be registered per day or you can purchase a "Summer Vehicle Pass" for $300.00 (Plus hst). 

*Please Note this Pass DOES NOT ACT as a "Season Guest Pass".


 *STORAGE: We would like to inform you that all utility, cargo and toy haulers trailers are not allowed to be parked/stored at Lake Huron Resort. Unfortunately, we do have the space for all these (boats, jet skis, utility, cargo and toy haulers trailers) to be parked onsite.  When bringing your toy hauler please only bring into the park when loading and unloading your supplies then please park it at Argyle Marine, 33973 Church Camp Road, off Hwy 21 South of LHR. You can contact them directly to discuss rates at: 519-524-5361.





*SELLING YOUR TRAILER: All trailer sales must go through Lake Huron Resort. A  Trailer Sales Admin Fee of 8% plus HST is required in the form of a deposit from the Purchaser which will be deducted from the agreed purchase price. All trailers listed must be within a  10 year age span (trailers 10 years or older must be sold  privately by the trailer owner, then pulled off site immediately when ownership has been exchanged. The site must be cleared/cleaned and ready for vacant possession). Park Models older than 10 years will be reviewed and approved by management to be sold on site. All trailers must be priced to sell at fair market evaluation.  All trailers can  only be listed for one full season and then taken off the market for another full season before relisting on site or can be pulled and sold off site privately.



When purchasing a Park Model Unit you must go through WEST COAST LEISURE: Northlander Contact: Darin or Derek  519-525-8301.

We work strictly  and are exclusive with West Coast Leisure for ALL Park Models. No other Park Models are permitted to enter the park.


*PAD FEES : There is a one time pad flat fee ($2,000.00 plus tax) for any/all ‘Park Models” entering the park. You will receive an invoice from Lake Huron Resort upon delivery and entry (see office for details). 

*If a new customer Is Bringing in their own trailer Onto empty site, or an existing customer has purchased another trailer and requires LHR to move the trailer, do tree trimming or add more gravel on the site for the arrival of the trailer there is a  Pad flat fee of  $500.00 plus hst. This fee is only applicable if you require LHR's assistance or material.


*CHANGING SITES:  Anyone situated on a site and then decides to switch site’s will be charged an administrative fee of $250.00. If you need Lake Huron Resorts assistance in moving your unit,  there is a flate fee of $ 500.00 plus hst. This fee is only applicable if you require LHR's assistance or material.


*ADDITIONS TO YOUR SITE/UNIT: As per our Rules and Regulations any additions to your site and/or your unit must be pre-approved by Bonnie or Rich prior to any construction. This includes fencing, decking, sheds, add-a-rooms, garden walls and all structures.  Hard Awnings and/or Add-A-Rooms must be purchased through H & H and approved by Lake Huron Resort. Please see office for additional details.


*WINTERIZING & SPRING OPEN: All WINTERIZING and SPRING OPENING  is EXCLUSIVE TO LAKE HURON RESORT  ONLY,   unless you are OPENING and CLOSING your trailer yourself. Please see office for details. 



*RV Central: Richard Scott: 519-482-7591

*The Trailer Guy (Tony) 519-494-5155 or 519-245-1551

*Rv Tech 519-872-3397

*Sprider, Insect  & Pest Control:  We work strictly  and are exclusively  with Truly Nolen Pest Control for all Insect Spray and Rodent Control. No other Individuals  or companies are  permitted to enter the park for any spraying or rodent control. Truly nolen can be reached at 519-524-5052


*LANDSCAPING, LAWN AND SITE MAINTENANCE:  Please Note: Don Is no longer at LHR. It is your responsibility to maintain your site. 


*DECK BUILDING:  Bryans Decks and Wood Creations 519-440-8235


*Exterior Trailer, Deck & Shed Cleaning Service:   Simply Clean Mobile Wash Inc.

Offering a variety of services with mobile pressure washing, Pricing as follows:

Trailer Exterior - $250.00 plus hst

Trailer Exterior & Deck - $300.00 plus hst

Trailer Exterior, Deck & Shed-$325.00 plus hst

We use Hot Purified Water on all applications, Spotless finish will be used on all Glass and Windows.

To Book your Clean  Contact:

Nathan Webster 


Instagram @simplycleanmobilewash


*SATELLITE SERVICE: L.A.  Satellite 519-525-1176


*WIFI: See Wifi page on this Site.


*SPEED LIMITS: The speed limit in the park is 10km. We have people walking, riding, skipping, running and playing everywhere. We are a family environment, be respectful. The driveway/ laneway currently has no speed limits posted but please use common sense. 10 km when passing individuals on the lane way would be appropriate. This would eliminate dusting out people, eliminates the chance of rocks spitting up and hitting someone and eliminates the chances of losing control of your vehicle and running someone over. You are also responsible for informing your guests on the speed limits and rules.



*POOL:  We are a Family park and the Pool is Open for everyone's enjoyment from open till close. If you would like a quiet swim we have 1600 ft of private beach where you can find yourself a quiet place to swim alone.  



*PUBLIC WASHROOMS: We have free, clean, new public washrooms that are ONLY OPEN during POOL HOURS and EVENTS.



*LAUNDRY ROOM: We have a  laundromat that is open 24 hours. We have 3 washers & 3 dryers. Washers are $3.50 a load and the  Dryers are $3.00 a load.


*PETS:  All dogs must be on a leash at all times, even on your site and no excessive barking allowed. Please see "Pet Policy".



*ALCOHOLIC  BEVERAGES:  Consumed on your campsite only. Unless otherwise approved by management; i.e.: special events, etc.. Loud parties and music as well as immoral conduct, drunkenness, and offensive language etc... WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. You will be asked to leave the park without refund! 



*CANNABIS: As per the Rules and Regulations and the License of Occupation Note: The Occupant hereby acknowledges that the smoking or vaping of tobacco or cannabis (medical recreational), and the use of e-cigarettes (including e-cigarettes containing cannabis, medical or recreational), is prohibited in the Park in accordance with applicable provincial legislation and regulations, as amended from time to time. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the aforementioned smoking, vaping or use of e-cigarettes is prohibited in all sheltered (roofed) common areas within the Park and in all playground areas used by children and within 20 metres of same.

1.If the Occupant generates smoke or vapors from tobacco or cannabis (medical or recreational) that interferes with the reasonable enjoyment of other occupants of the Park, the Occupant will be asked to take steps to minimize the interference or disturbance to others or refrain from generating such smoke, subject only to Human Rights considerations.

1b) The Occupant shall not cultivate, grow, produce, purchase, sell or distribute any cannabis plant or product in any areas within the Park, including on the Site.


The above statements will be enforced if needed. Please do not ruin it for the responsible people. Please use common sense, be respectful and try to keep it to a very minimal especially during the day hours of 9am to 11pm. If you absolutely need to do it while your neighbor is out on the deck with their children please go inside your trailer. There are families next door to you, not everyone agrees with it, not everyone likes the smell or wants their children exposed to it. We are just asking everyone to think of others and not just of themselves as we are a community.



*QUIET TIME/NOISE: This is a Family Park so please be courteous to each other. No extremely loud, vulgar music at anytime. No Firework, No Firecrackers & No Blow/Air Horns at Anytime.

Quiet time is from 11pm to 9am (MUSIC OFF . This includes Motorcycles  & Loud vehicles coming & going During Quiet Time). 

If you are disturbed by a noisy or unruly camper, please contact the office immediately! 

DO NOT  wait until the next morning to address your complaint as it will be too late for us to address the issue. please go to the office (during office hours), or  go to the "management on duty" site or Call 519-524-5343.

Please do have fun, make memories and just remember we all have neighbours so be quiet!



*REFUNDS: There are NO REFUNDS at anytime. All sales are FINAL. 


Please make yourself Familiar with our Rules and Regulations and the License of Occupation. 

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